A New Way to Score a City

Cities that benefit from the economic side of walking have a boost in productivity, better health, and more social interaction.

The Unintended Impact of Amazon’s HQ2

Since Amazon will probably select among the most prosperous regions in the U.S. for its HQ2 pick(s), we could find that the strong will get even stronger.

Where the Glass Ceiling Refuses to Shatter

Looking at the glass ceiling, a recent study indicates that progress has stalled for women ascending the legal and corporate ladder.

Where Are Women and Men Most Different?

How much patience you display could affect your economic decisions. So too could your preference for risk and your altruism. Add to that positive and negative reciprocity and trust and you get a new metric, the Global Preferences Survey (GPS).…

The Scandal at the Master Sommelier School

Sort of like the licensing exams required by government for certain professions, the wine industry also determines the credentials of its master sommeliers.

Looking For Peak Creativity

While the data for scientists and artists can indicate the age of our peak creativity, a close look reveals that it is much more complicated.

How Your College Determines Your Earnings

By knowing the type of college you plan to attend and which major you will select, you can figure out how to increase your postgraduate income.

How the Gender Gap Affects Men’s Health

Another good reason for diminishing the size of the gender gap in Europe is the impact it will have on men’s health and their life expectancy.

Why There’s No Such Thing As Free Tuition

Approved by many of us, free tuition programs like the one at NYU Medical School create misdirected incentives that diminish their success.

Pink It, Shrink It, and Gender Design Discrimination

For years, women have needed sweaters, jackets, even snuggies at work. The reason takes us to some solid science…for men. Our story starts with a 154 pound man in a business suit. Decades ago, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating…