Finding the Best Soda Tax

Involving us individually and as a community, sugary drink taxes create nudges that result in a long list of costs and benefits.

Some Sweet (Drink) News From Government

When our sugary drink consumption exceeds federal guidelines, we need to decide how much of a nudge we want from government to reduce what we drink.

The Problem With the Soda Tax

Telling us that Berkeley’s sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) tax had fizzled, an August 2015 paper explained why. Where are we going? To the unpredictable impact of a soda tax. The Berkeley SSB Tax Berkeley’s basic idea was to tax the supply side.…

Is Obesity the Government’s Business?

To fight obesity, do you support government funded weight loss education? Soda taxes? Mandatory menu calorie counts? Banned bake sales? A recent Intelligence Squared debate provided several answers. The evening focused on the proposition,  “Obesity is the Government’s Business.”  Opposed were libertarian journalist John Stossel…

Soda Wars

In “the soda wars,” who is fighting whom? Past news articles refer to state legislative attempts to tax sugary soft drinks. Now, a NY Times article focuses on how New York City is trying to bar use of food stamps…