Why the Inflation Reduction Act Needs a New Name

Looking at its spending, its goals, and its focus, we could say that the Inflation Reduction Act needs a new name.

How Alexander Hamilton Gave Us Economic Independence

Remembering that independence is not only politics, today we can also honor the economic independence that Alexander Hamilton created.

The Meaning of Market Milestones

Rather like shifting tectonic plates, we can illustrate U.S. economic growth through the companies that achieved market milestones.

Where China Is Building New Financial Architecture

China’s debt exposure has grown with its Belt and Road Initiative becoming a massive loan rescue operation.

Why the 747 Was More Than an Airplane

Looking at the end of Boeing 747 history, we see that we are saying good-bye to much more than an airplane.

Santa’s Delivery Schedule

Looking at Santa’s delivery schedule, we see a slew of gargantuan numbers that show what he amazingly accomplishes in just one night.

The Many Sides of African Food Insecurity

In a new paper, the IMF describes the prevalence of sub-Saharan food insecurity, its causes, and what needs to be targeted to diminish it.

The (Chicken/Egg) Problem With Your EV

Wondering which comes first, the cars or the charging capability, we might have a chicken egg problem for our EV charging stations.

How the Ever Forward Is Like Her Sister

Whether it’s the Ever Given or the Ever Forward (or the Ever Dainty and Ever Cozy), huge container ships have created cargo delays.

Comparing Santa and UPS

Whether it’s what Santa does in 31 hours or the route of a UPS driver, comparing Santa Claus and UPS shows the holiday’s challenges.