The Downside of Giving Gifts

As we start to plan our gift giving for this holiday season, we should remember preference falsification and deadweight loss.

A Return to the Downside of Gift Giving

During the holiday season, our gift giving might have less value than we expect because recipients engage in preference falsification.

How to Give a Better Gift

In somewhat unexpected ways, our opinion of a present can depend on whether the gift wrapping is sloppy or neat.

What We Might Not Want to Know About Gift Giving

Looking at the numbers from the National Retail Federation, we do not see the value of the unwanted gifts that might be subtracted from holiday spending.

The Gift You Didn’t Want

Although you’ll see that the Amazon reviews for How to Avoid Huge Ships are hilarious, it’s still one of those unwanted gifts that creates deadweight loss.

Weekly Roundup: From Pacesetters to Prices

Our everyday economics includes externalities, supply and demand, price maker, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, statistics, money supply & innovation.

The Funny Side of Misleading Statistics

At the BAHFest, evolutionary researchers present bogus theories that are funny but also display how we can be convinced by misleading statistics.