Why Princeton University Might Have a Tax Problem

As an unintended consequence of spending drug research royalties on faculty salaries, Princeton University could have a non-profit tax exemption problem.

Weekly Roundup: From Affluent Mates to Successful Names

Our everyday economics includes tradeoffs, deposit insurance, supply chain, bias, human capital, income inequality, marriage markets and Federal Reserve.

The Beginning of Terminal Gridlock

As cargo ships become larger, the supply chain benefits of their economies of scale are offset by the externalities they create at ports and beyond.

Green Blog: The Butterfly Effect

By Amy Tourgee, guest blogger, Kent Place School alumna and Environmental Studies undergraduate at Princeton University One aspect of environmental science that has always been scary to me is the intense interconnectedness of a system.  For example, an ecosystem can…

The Downside of Sitting

I’ve been thinking about the economic connection between sitting and butterflies. Our story starts with sitting studies. Pulling together the data from surveys covering 167,000 adults, researchers have concluded that you might live longer if you sit less. More specifically,…