Why an Economist Can Solve a Poop Problem

Sometimes you need an economist who figures out how to improve Senegal’s sanitation by getting more people to use toilet suckers.

How Our French Fries Became More Expensive

When the price of your French fries increased during the past decade, one reason was a potato cartel that was rather similar to OPEC.

Why Cheap Oil Can Be a Curse

Illustrated by the impact of cheap oil, the natural resource curse hits countries that have disproportionately focused economic activity on one industry.

Two Words That Tell Us All We Need To Know About Oil

To grasp world oil markets, we can look at supply and demand for WTI in the U.S. and Brent for the world as price and quality benchmarks.

Weekly Roundup: From Turkey to Buffalo

This week’s everyday economics include competition, oligopoly, marginal cost and benefit, GDP growth, unemployment, supply and demand, OPEC, redistribution.

Why OPEC is Not as Powerful as You Think

The power of OPEC as a cartel that controls oil prices through quotas on its members might be a myth.