The Colorful Side of Giant Panda Economics

Looking closely at giant panda economists, we see that zoos have undertaken an immense expense that might not be worth it.

The Mystery of the Missing Raisinets

Consumers have been filing multi-million dollar class action suits for the slack fill that makes candy and chip packaging misleading.

Weekly Roundup: From the Diner’s Dilemma to Lost Labor

This week’s economic news summary includes the diner’s dilemma and marginal analysis, property rights in outer space, the Phillip’s Curve and unemployment.

The Diner’s Dilemma: Should You Divide the Check Equally With Friends?

Like the tragedy of the commons, splitting a bill among friends at a restaurant involves an individual’s marginal benefit and the group’s marginal cost.

Weekly Roundup: From Hot Hands to Sunk Costs

The behavioral economics ideas from our everyday economics are confirmation, expectations and projection bias, frames, temporal discounting and sunk costs.

Explaining the Health Club Memberships We Don’t Use

Behavioral economics explains that we sign up for health clubs and then don’t exercise because of unrealistic pre-commitment and upfront payment.

The Bills in Detroit and Elsewhere

Whether looking at the Buffalo Bills unexpectedly traveling to Detroit, college or high school football, the marginal cost of travel is rising.

The Surprising Impact of the Shot Clock On Basketball

This 60-foot shot is amazing. The game was between Shakopee and Hopkins, 2 Minneapolis-St. Paul area high school basketball teams. Playing a semifinal playoff, in quadruple overtime, Hopkins won 49-46 with the 60-foot shot. Hopkins’s strategy? They stalled with the…

The Cost of Conservation

By Madeleine Vance, guest blogger and student at Kent Place School. Saving water is supposed to allow us to cut down costs. For the drought-stricken city of Wichita Falls in Texas, this is not the case.  In 2013, Wichita Falls’s…