Where Equal Pay Cost £1.1bn

Whether looking at a city, a firm, or a sports team, we would see that equal pay outlays always have an oppoturnity cost.

Why Zoe Is the Name of a Heat Wave

At econlife, we’ve suggested that heat waves should have names. It turns out that some do. Right now Cerberus is roasting Southern Europe. Heat Wave Names The Italian Meteorological Society named the current Southern European heat wave after the mythological…

Why An Arraignment Requires Line Sitters

Requiring more than 24 hours of standing in line, the recent Trump arraignments in Manhattan and Miami boosted line sitting demand.

How We Use Our Time

We can look at the American Time Use Survey and Microsoft to see how our time use varies by age, gender, and at work.

What We Can Learn From a Banana

We could use the banana as a benchmark for our carbon impact. While The Economist showed us how, it’s really all about opportunity cost. Banana Emissions Benchmarks let us judge another good or service by comparing the two. Investment advisors…

Why North Korea Should Produce Giant Statues

The building in our featured image is affectionately called the Coffee Pot. Commemorating Namibia’s independence from South Africa, the structure was neither designed nor built by a Namibian. Let’s see why. North Korean Monuments Created by North Korea, the Coffee…

Why a Latte for the Loo Could Be a Problem

With the NYC debating a bill to increase the city’s public bathrooms, we can see that the issue is about a lot more than the loo.

Why a Heat Wave Name Would Help

With temperatures rising to new heights during an increasing numbers of days, some cities have appointed officers to oversee heat waves.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Coupon

Because of disappearing coupons, the people that spent the time to save the money no longer enjoy price discrimination.

Why the French Have a Great Lunch Break

Moving beyond the “Great French Lunch Break,” we can look back and globally to see how our work hours vary.