Why We Should Care About the Night Time Economy

Inadequately supported, the food, drink, and entertainment businesses in a city’s night time economy can be a valuable source of economic growth.

Can Shoveling a Parking Spot Make It Yours?

Called winter dibs, shoveling the snow from a public parking space can temporarily make that spot your private property…but should it?

Debating Kenya’s Plastic Bag Ban

To hear a single-use plastic bag regulation debate, you could go to Kenya or NYC while Rwandans might be discussing their plastic bag black market.

Why It’s Tough to Solve Traffic Congestion

While the traffic congestion problem in NYC, LA and D.C. wastes huge time and money, they do not appear to want to solve it.

How to Deal With Skyscraper Shadows

Whenever a new skyscraper is built, we can ask whether its shadow violates our property rights when it eliminates the sunlight in a city’s parks.

The Regulations that Food Truck Chefs Hate

In Chef, recently fired upscale restaurant chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) has no job offers, a viral video to cope with, and a life that is spiraling south. I won’t divulge the ending but the movie was about a food truck, the…

Dilemmas From the “Sharing Economy”

Today’s story is specifically about Airbnb. More generally though, it involves whether government or the market system should regulate the “sharing economy.” But first–Craigslist and the Sharing Economy from xkcd: An apartment owner in Astoria, Queens (a subway ride from…

What We Sacrifice for Pothole Patches

With 150,000 more potholes than last year and $12 for each temporary patch, Chicago has spent close to $3 million on pothole repair and the end is not in sight. NYC was at a record breaking 113,131 on February 20.…

Gender Pricing: When Do Women Pay More Than Men?

NYC fined the owner of Freckle Skin and Hair for charging men less than women for haircuts. “It’s ridiculous, I have some guys who need to come in every two weeks. If I raise my prices, I’ll lose all my…

Debating Paid Sick Leave Laws

I wonder if we could say that Mayor de Blasio’s sick leave proposal dates back to 1895.  119 years ago, concerned with the harm that a “biscuit, bread, cake bakery or confectionery establishment” could inflict on its employees, New York…