The Hidden Impact of the Washing Machine

Much more than a source of clean clothing, the washing machine is an example of household technology that impacts women and the economy.

Why Less Land Needs To Make More Food

With population growth adding almost three billion people by 2050, we need to figure out how to produce more food with less land and fewer emissions.

Really Understanding the World

Seeing the world develop through bubble animation from Hans Rosling makes health and income statistics mesmerizingly enjoyable.

How an Ignorance Survey Will Make Us Smarter

To improve policy making for major global issues like health, population, education and poverty, Hans Rosling uses a survey to see where we are misinformed.

The Path of the Shifting Center of Global Economic Power

Led by Chinese economic growth and other emerging markets, the center of economic gravity is moving eastward from the developed world to Asia.

An Amazing Story From a Graph

Sometimes one graph can tell a whole story:   A 4-minute animation can also convey a much bigger story. Looking at the same time period as our graph, Hans Rosling connects national income and health. National income closely relates to GDP since people receive…

One Way That the “Poor Beat the Rich”

In just 8 minutes, Hans Rosling shows us that, with child mortality rates, the developing world is making more progress than we might expect. With his captivating “gapminder” approach, he creates a race between Sweden in 1900 and Bangladesh in…

The Invention That Started to Close the Gender Gap

Worrying that labor saving devices would replace her, Downton Abbey’s cook, Mrs. Patmore, was not pleased with the new electric mixer that arrived in her kitchen in 1922. By contrast, if Edith does move out of Downton Abbey into more…