How Mattress Markets Have Inflated

An example of the revolution in mattress markets, Casper has been a leader and a victim of the competition that its innovation inspired.

Why Urban Farmers Plant Their Crops in Garages

Using old containers from cargo ships, commercial urban farmers are growing hydroponic mini-lettuces and even strawberries in warehouses and garages.

The Surprising Significance of Ping Pong

Perhaps correlated with ping pong table sales, the venture capital that goes to technology startups is concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Boston/NY/Washington D.C. corridor.

The Connection Between a Killer Plant and Elmer’s Glue

An innovation being sold to manufacturers, jars with slippery interior surfaces will create positive externalities by lessening waste and saving time.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A person whose goal is growth and innovation, the founder of Parcel is an example of Joseph Schumpeter’s high impact entrepreneur and creative destruction.

Do Real Entrepreneurs Have to be Rich?

Because startups tend to be small, do not focus on innovation nor growth, they are a less accurate measure of entrepreneurship than self-made billionaires.