What Uber Says About the Gender Pay Gap

Uber is gender blind. Callers do not select a male or female driver nor do they even know which gender could pick them up. Similarly, driver pay is based on an algorithm, not your gender. It relates to a base…

Uber’s Creative Destruction

The Uber impact can be summarized with Joseph Schumpeter’s description of creative description as its car service replaces outdated travel habits.

Weekly Roundup: From Blizzards to Super Bowls

Our economic news summary includes how the sharing economy relates to outdated regulatory policy, elections and markets, and Super Bowl ad monopolies.

The Airbnb Threat

Opposed by the hotel industry, the Airbnb impact takes us to outdated regulations that ignore the sharing economy and remind us of creative destruction.

What to Call an Uber Driver

Neither an employee nor an independent contractor for whom the law has protections and obligations, the worker in the gig economy needs legal recognition.