Why Vinyl and CDs Are About More Than Music

As recorded music formats repeatedly changed during the past 50 years, we saw the progress that creative destruction can create.

Why We Talk With the Subway Fridge

Increasingly, and sometimes humorously, we are talking with bots as fast food AI percolates through our drive thru experience.

The Tech We Cannot Resist From the 2023 CES

I’ve selected several irresistible items from this year’s CES (consumer electromics show) that might and might not shift our PP curves.

Happy Birthday Texting!

Looking back to the first text message, few of us would have predicted its spread and impact during the past 30 years.

Why the EU Charger Mandate Is an Apple Problem

No longer waiting for electronics device makers to voluntarily create standardized chargers, the EU Parliament proceeded with a mandate.

When (Unintentionally) Alexa Boosts Music Revenue

After looking at the unintended consequences of New Jersey’s plastic bag ban, we can add to our list of surprises. This time, Alexa has the story. When Song Titles Matter Our story starts with a mom admitting that poop is…

What the OX Adds to Rwanda’s Cold Chain

Much more than an ice box, a refrigerator is a link in the cold chain that countries like Rwanda want to join.

The iPhone: What We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Discussing the impact of the iPhone on its 15th anniversary, its developers say there was a slew of unexpected results.

Where Have All of the Bank Robbers Gone?

Even looking at bank robbers, we see that technological innovation creates the changing job markets that wind up as structural unemployment.

The Sexist Side of Space Suits

Hoping to move away from its male dominated space suit history, NASA is looking to the private sector for designs that include women.