A New Kind of Grape Picker

In Europe and the U.S., pandemic labor shortages have nudged vineyards towards grape picking robots and pruners.

How Chip Shortages Create a Car Crunch

Almost like the perfect storm, chip shortages were created by a convergence of problems that rippled around the world.

Econlife Quiz: TikTok

There is a lot you might want to know about TikTok, and econlife’s latest quiz about the app is a great place to start.

How a Citigroup Blunder and a Texas Blackout Are Similar

Last August, Citigroup accidentally wired a $900 million payback to some lenders. Now, Texas is experiencing catastrophic power outages and water shortages. Both could be similar. Outdated Infrastructure Citigroup Our story starts in 2016 with a cosmetics company that needed…

What We Can Learn From a Strawberry Contest

Our story starts with a tomato and ends with a strawberry. They both relate to farm productivity. And that could be the problem. Growing Fruit Tomatoes Close to 90 years ago, a tomato grower noticed that one of her (his?)…

Three Kinds of Irresistible Tech From the Consumer Electronic Show

Last year in Las Vegas, 171,000 (or so) attendees could have looked at 4,400 new technology exhibits at CES (the Consumer Electronic Show). This year it was all digital and somewhat overwhelming. So, as always, I am depending on the…

Where You Can Live On The Moon

Researchers at Purdue University are designing a moon habitat whose surprising location makes it resilient and safe.

How Algorithms Change Gasoline Prices

Looking at gasoline prices that are controlled by algorithms, we could be surprised by how they affect competition.

Why Zoom Needs the “Mr. Rogers Effect”

The seemingly pleasant phenomenon of doing Zoom conference calls in our sweats could be hiding the productive value of dressing for work.

How Vinyl and Streaming Are Similar

Changes in recorded music sales were fueled by new formats that started with vinyl and eventually became streaming.