Why We Want a Purple Tomato

Similar to all research and development, tomato innovation in the lab has produced a new antioxidant rich purple tomato.

Why a Starbucks Macchiato Is Like a Model-T Ford

Whether looking at coffee or cars, at Macchiatos or Model-T’s, producers care about taking fewer steps in the cafe and the factory.

What a Sound Says About the Economy

Listening to our city streets and even food noises, we can say that sound design provides clues about our economy.

The iPhone: What We Didn’t Know We Wanted

Discussing the impact of the iPhone on its 15th anniversary, its developers say there was a slew of unexpected results.

Should We Worry About Robots?

Considering the impact of robots, we can look at jobs and productivity in manufacturing and services businesses.

When a Chicken Is Like a Ford

While many of us are spending many extra dollars a month for the same groceries, the rotisserie chicken has remained cheap.

The New Technology Seen By Queen Elizabeth

During the 70 years of her monarchy, Queen Elizabeth witnessed technological change that ranged from washing machines to cell phones.

How (Fortnite’s) It’s Complicated Became Complicated

The backpack kid is one of several emote creators who sued Fortnite because they believe they have copyright protection of their moves.

What NASA Brings Back To Earth

Not just a space contest, more of NASA’s innovations that help us on earth will come from its Deep Space Food Challenge.

The Little Cotton Swab That Had a Big Impact

Soon to celebrate its 100th birthday, the cotton swab is a seemingly small innovation that had a massive impact.