How the Tesla (Factory) Is Like the Model T (Factory)

Separated by 100 years, mass producing Teslas and mass producing Model T Fords reflect the innovation that makes an invention available.

The Robots Are Coming (With Your Pizza)

Transforming our pizza delivery, our factories, our warehouses and our cars, the many sides of robotics make it our newest frenemy.

The Impact of a Robot Queue

Seeing a robot queue at an Apple store in New Zealand, we can begin to imagine how they will transform our land, labor and capital.

The Robot Milkers That Cows Like

It appears that cows prefer robot milkers. Rather than following a human schedule of pre-dawn mornings and late afternoons, the robots respond to what the cows want. Perhaps 5 or 6 times a day, the cows line up in front…

Mass Production: A BMW

I wonder if Henry Ford would have been surprised by this 15 minute BMW factory production video tour (below). Few people, lots of robots, the process begins with a colorless shell and ends with the BMW moving off the assembly…

Creative Destruction: The Economics of Robotics

Once there was a computer therapist named ELIZA. While her developer thought she was just a machine, the people who talked to her liked her patience and enjoyed her empathy. In the operating room, da Vinci is a robotic surgeon…