How to Price a Covid-19 Drug

When pricing Remdesivir, the list of considerations includes total development costs, the cost for each dose, and the benefits that patients receive.

Airplane Window Shade Wars

Rather like the reclining chair debate, the battle of the airplane window shade has also become a source of passenger conflict.

When $430 Million Is Not Enough

Whether looking at Mike Trout’s $430 million or a newly drafted player, we see athletes whose baseball salaries are called underpaid.

How to Deal With (Airplane Seat) Recline Rage

To recline or not to recline an airplane seat is a problem for passengers and airlines because of pitch, profits, property rights, and your philosophy.

How to Solve the Missing Chips Problem

Puffier than they need to be, misleading packages have been the subject of class action lawsuits by people who feel they were overcharged for their chips.

The Problem With Sand

If we have a sand shortage, Olympic beach volleyball, new homes and roads, fracking, water filtration, and so much more will be affected.

A Poaching Problem that Regulation Hasn’t Solved

The market solutions and regulatory approaches used to solve the problem of elephant poaching have not worked for wildlife conservation in Africa.

Why Government Cannot Trash Waste Management

Central planning through large firms could not replace the consistency and environmental benefits of a zabaleen system for trash removal In Cairo, Egypt.

Demand and Supply: The Ethanol Mandate

Several years ago, when former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers walked past me, I stopped him with a question. “What is the most important economic idea to teach my students,” I asked. Without missing a beat, he said, “the power of…

What Should Not Be Sold?

Assume you just learned that your mother paid someone to write the (warm and loving) toast she expressed at your wedding. Is that okay? During Bloomberg radio’s On the Economy, referring to a purchased wedding toast, Harvard professor Michael Sandel…