What We Can Learn From Presidential Wealth

Starting with George Washington and concluding with rercent presidents, we can see how presidential wealth relates to economic growth.

The Economy Inherited by Bush, Obama, and Trump

Characterized by an upswing or a plunge, the economies that George Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump inherited were different.

What Presidents Added to Thanksgiving Economics

From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt to George H.W. Bush, U.S. presidents have influenced Thanksgiving economics.

A Surprising Political Center

Although some find it tough to find a constantly shifting political center and others say there might not be one, we all care about the same issues.

Celebrating Alexander Hamilton and Economic Independence

When independence is about political freedom, the U.S. needed Alexander Hamilton’s development program for the economic strength that made it truly free.

Happy Birthday to a Great Father (of our economy)

When you sing happy birthday to Alexander Hamilton today, please just think of this upward sloping (logarithmic) economic growth line: Today, 257–or maybe 259–years ago (no one is positive) on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Alexander Hamilton was born. Only…