When to Worry About Grandma

By looking at Europe’s aging population, we see only a part of the reason that we will have a population bomb.

Why We Need Bigger Cars

The U.S. birth rate has been gliding downward. Per thousand women, aged 15 to 44, the general fertility rate dipped from 60.1 in 2018 to a provisional 56.8 during the end of 2020: Correspondingly, remaining at 20 percent, there is…

What We Can Learn From Santa’s Age

As a CEO at the North Pole, Santa is a manager who runs a toy workshop. But he wears many hats. In addition, he is a private investigator who knows which children have been good and bad. He is also…

Where Grandma Isn’t Smiling

When an Australian business school scored the pension income systems in 37 countries, they gave many more C grades than anyone would like to receive.

Why Your Birthday Cake Might Have Too Many Candles

When we look at aging populations, 65 could be new 55 because of the difference between our chronological age and our biological age.

Why Japan’s Population is Shrinking

Sort of like life’s bookends, a declining number of children and more elderly people can explain why Japan’s population is shrinking.

The New Shopper (Who is Really Old)

As an aging population soon takes us to a demographic turning point, retailers will adjust the shopping experience to an older customer.

Why Businesses Want Older Models

While businesses will enjoy spending from aging populations, communities are concerned with supporting an older demographic.

The Best Places to Grow Old

Looking at adequacy, sustainability, and integrity, we would see that the retirement income systems of 27 nations vary considerably.

How Japan’s Shrinking Population Creates Growing Problems

The fiscal challenges that Japan’s shrinking population has created come from a shrinking birth rate and an aging population.