Using Time to Choose Your Coffee Shop

In 2015, Norway’s Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen won the World Brewers Cup competition. The rules are simple. You just need to use a non-mechanical coffee brewing method and have won qualifying regional competitions. Essentially, we are talking about pouring water (by hand)…

Weekly Roundup: From Savers to Shoppers

This week’s economic news summary includes sales tax debates,municipal revenue, stock markets and politics, Uber’s externalities, and productivity problems.

Our Shopping Behavior During the Great Recession

As the stages of the business cycle and our life cycle unfold, the changing cost of time affects how we shop.

Self-Signaling by Standing in Line

Whether you stand in long lines to self-signal or you hire someone to do the wait for you, your decision reflects tradeoffs that relate to time.

Leap Seconds

The earth is supposed to rotate every 24 hours. Sometimes, though, it takes less time and sometimes it takes more. So, to be precise, we depend on atomic clocks. And therein lies the problem.  Increasingly, Solar Time (earth rotation time)…