February 2020 Friday’s e-links: Three Great Podcasts and Animated Economics

For February 2020’s Friday e-links, my favorites were podcasts about Long Haul Paul, free tuition, medical procedure prices, and some animated economics.

February 2020 Friday’s e-links: Two Great Podcasts and Some Animated History

Thus far our February 2020 e-links take us to podcasts on free college tuition and medical procedure prices and a riveting economic history animation.

Why Free Tuition Is Like An Onion

When Kalamazoo, Michigan made college more accessible to high school graduates through a free tuition program, they were surprised by some of the results.

Why There’s No Such Thing As Free Tuition

Approved by many of us, free tuition programs like the one at NYU Medical School create misdirected incentives that diminish their success.