How to Select the Best Countries

Instead of collecting a massive volume of statistics, iU.S. News uses people’s perceptions to rank the world’s 78 best countries.

July 2020 Friday’s e-links: A Painter, a Felon, and a Scandinavian Mystery

For my July 2020 e-links, I recommend a Malcolm Gladwell podcast, one on a Yale grad who is a felon, and the third, a Scandinavian murder mystery.

July 2020 Friday’s e-links: A Lost van Gogh Painting

For our July 2020 e-links, my first recommendation is a podcast that traces the path of a van Gogh painting from a WW II Jewish family to a U.S. museum.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering the Best French Fries

#TBT Throwback Thursday: Looking back at the original McDonald’s french fries that were made with beef tallow, we could say that the taste was worth the fat.

A Better Way to Rank Colleges

Ranking colleges, the media use data that can be manipulated and inaccurate. Instead some researchers suggest the student focus of “revealed preference.”

Understanding a New Tax Issue

With the House requiring dynamic scoring of tax legislation from the CBO, the bigger tax debate resurfaces on how much redistribution and spending.

When Does Practice Really Matter?

Since education creates positive externalities that fuel economic growth, understanding how to develop expertise through human capital formation is crucial.

The Problems With College Ranking

Just like grading human capital, ranking college quality through a single number hides the subjectivity of the process.

When You Can Expect to Be Most Creative

Knowing about how and when creative people achieve optimal productivity is important because of the connection between human capital and economic growth.

In Many Ways Sriracha is a Hot Sauce

Hot sauce production was #8 in IBISWorld’s April 2012 list of the fastest growing US industries. Looking at actual revenue, the numbers were not huge compared to Generic Drugs or Green & Sustainable Building Production. Even compared to #4 on the…