Where the Peach Became More Than Fruit

About much more than a piece of fruit, peach history details how the market encouraged an entrepreneur to invent and develop a new product.

How Vinyl and Streaming Are Similar

Changes in recorded music sales were fueled by new formats that started with vinyl and eventually became streaming.

Where Lost Luggage Finds a Home

At a massive store in Scottsboro, Alabama, bargain hunters can purchase the contents of the lost baggage that airlines say is unclaimed.

Why Purell is More Than a Hand Sanitizer

A classic story about entrepreneurs, Purell history displays how a wife and her husband satisfied a need before it existed.

A Tale of Two Grocers

Faced with isolated communities, two grocers, separated by thousands of miles, support their customers in a rather similar way.

Why the Sports Bra Is so Much More Than an Undergarment

Far more than an undergarment, the sports bra helped to spread the Title IX mandate through physics, power, and psychology.

Remembering Herb Kelleher and His Southwest Effect

The discount airline was just an idea when Herb Kelleher became the Texas entrepreneur who created what became known as the Southwest Effect.

Awakening the Mattress Industry

Disrupting traditionally sleepy mattress markets, now we can buy beds-in-a-box online and visit countless mattress stores at local malls.

Why Guinea Pigs and Party Dresses Are Similar

Whether looking at guinea pigs or party dresses, you get rental markets when time and money make people avoid a purchase.

The Surprising Significance of Ping Pong

Perhaps correlated with ping pong table sales, the venture capital that goes to technology startups is concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Boston/NY/Washington D.C. corridor.