How the Minimum Wage Can Cost More Than Money

While California’s minimum wage update takes us to new data, it does not end the debate on the impact of increasing the minimum wage.

How Cost Can Change Climate Policy

With COP28 having begun, we can ask if the delegates are comparing marginal decisions about the cost of climate policy to its benefits.

How Serial Returners Create Unintended Consequences

Responding to the incentives created by online retailers, serial returners create a cost for themselves and suppliers.

When Parking Is Like Cheetos Lip Balm

Making decisions about the future, sometimes our sunk costs–the irrecoverable time and money we invested in the past–distorts our logic.

Why We Don’t Build Enough Public Bathrooms

Looking at New York City beyond, we can use a slew of economic ideas to explain the insufficient supply of public bathrooms.

How the Pandemic Changed the Birth Rate

Sometimes compared to hurricanes, victory celebrations and blackouts, the pandemic birth rate also responded to a catastrophe.

When is Tuna not Tuna, Bread not Bread, and a Footlong Not 12″?

For its chicken, tuna, bread, and footlong, Subway has been in court defending the sandwich names that some say are misleading.

Learn With Elaine: Impulse Buying

Staying at home during the pandemic, we have shifted our impulse buying from the supermarket to our online shopping cart.

Who Will Sacrifice Civil Liberties During a Pandemic?

Comparing 14 different countries, we would find the willingness to make civil liberties trade-offs for better health conditions varies.

When Communal Mugs Are Like Gym Memberships

When companies replace single use cups with mugs and glasses, the employee response has been somewhat like our use of gym memberships.