Where We Worry About Armrest Rights

Whether looking at armrests or reclining rights, seat savers or window shades, airplane etiquette is unclear about what we temporarily “own.”

Who Owns the Moon’s Resources?

With four countries having made lunar landings, we can ask if any one can own moon water and other lunar resouces.

How Alexander Hamilton Gave Us Economic Independence

Remembering that independence is not only politics, today we can also honor the economic independence that Alexander Hamilton created.

When to Worry About Genericide

Companies with trademark protection can become the victims of genericide when their good or service becomes too popular.

What Argentina Wants From Brazil

Enjoyed by the United States and 27 European nations, a common market could exist in South America if Brazil and Argentina initiate it.

An Easy Explanation of the Debt Ceiling

With another debt ceiling conflict emerging this week, we.should look back and ahead at how, what, and why the U.S. borrows.

A Closer Look at the World’s Top and Bottom Laissez-Faire Countries

Looking closely at the Index of Economic Freedom, we can see where property rights help to boost market activity.

How Hamilton Gave Us Economic Independence

Alexander Hamilton gave us the economic independence that we also should have celebrated yesterday on July 4th.

6 Facts: Are Sin Taxes a Blessing?

With their U.S. roots in a 1790s Whiskey Rebellion, sin taxes vary when looking at current consumption and their state revenue.

How the Debt Ceiling Connects 1953 and 2021

Problems with the debt ceiling connect President Eisenhower’s highway spending and President Biden’s transportation infrastructure proposals.