Our Weekly Roundup: From Milk to Tobacco

Our weekly roundup includes the everyday economics of consumer surplus, monopolistic competition, economic development, poverty and technology spillover.

Our Weekly Roundup: From the Invisible Hand to Invisible People

Today’s weekly roundup includes the everyday economics of invisibles like the cost of tariffs, the market, certain jobs, measures and the impact of a canal.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Traffic Lights to Sneakers, Everyday Economics Explained by 5 Great Economists

Our Econlife roundup for the week 7.14.14 An island without traffic lights displays the benefits of Adam Smith’s laissez-faire…more   7.15.14 Why David Ricardo would approve of where your sneakers were made…more   7.16.14 John Maynard Keynes could say why you’ll get less Social…

Our Weekly Roundup: From Cupcake Bubbles to Indian Villages

An Econlife roundup for the week 7.06.14 The tough part of cutting federal spending…more   7.07.14 When a village in India got a new road, surprising economic changes quickly unfolded…more   7.08.14 Who ever thought that a reclining chair could resuscitate…

Our Weekly Roundup: From Prop 8 to Alexander Hamilton

An Econlife roundup for the week This week same-sex marriage and human capital, natural gas and opportunity cost were some of the ways we connected everyday life with economics.   06.30.14 The battle against Prop 8 was about more than validating same-sex marriage…more…