COVID’s Divorce Rate Surprises

I suspect that you (as did I) will  find the newest numbers on the divorce rate rather surprising. Six Facts: Covid Divorce Rates 1. Pre-Pandemic for the U.S. Before the pandemic began, divorce rates had been trending downward:   2.…

Six Handy Facts About Marriage and Divorce Rates

It’s been called a “covidivorce.” After lockdowns ended, China reported that divorce applications were swamping officials in two provinces, Sichuan and Shanxi. Therapists explain that the new togetherness is,  “…like putting all our issues into a frying pan and really…

How An Elite College Determines Your Future

Students and their parents might be surprised that a diploma from an elite college might not have the life-changing impact they expect.

What Men and Women Want in a Mate

By identifying the decisions that men and women make while speed dating, we can see where they rank intelligence, attractiveness and ambition.

Where Have All of the Husbands (and Wives) Gone?

If you are an Elvis minister in Las Vegas, you have a problem. Nevada’s marriage rate is way down and so too is the wedding business. The bigger story though, is about shifting marriage markets. The Decline of Marriage As…

Manufacturing, Men, and Marriage Markets

Hit by trade shock from China, U.S. communities that experience factory layoffs and closings will also see an impact on marriage rates.

Where To Find China’s Missing Women

Upsetting the conventional wisdom, researchers recently found millions of “non-existent” women who could enter Chinese marriage markets.

Where Marriage Markets and Labor Markets Clash

Displaying the clash between marriage markets and labor markets, single female MBAs display less ambitious more “wifely” behavior when men are present.

What Happens When a Man Earns Less Than His Mate?

By earning more in labor markets, women affect marriage markets because they violate traditional gender identity norms if they earn more than a mate.

How Marriage Markets Have Changed

The demographics of marriage markets changed at first when more women attended college and now with online dating sites and mobile apps.