Why Federal Spending Is Tough to Predict for Entitlement Programs

Looking back at Medicare and Medicaid, we can see why there are several versions of spending projections for the American Families Plan.

A Single-Payer Primer From the CBO

In a new report, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) presents a menu of choices that we will need to consider if we want single payer healthcare.

How Social Security Is in Worse Shape Than We Think

Twice last year– during February and August–we shared six facts about Social Security. Now, disagreeing with the Social Security Trustees 2018 Report, economists at the University of Pennsylvania suggest the program is in worse shape than we think. Social Security…

Six More Facts We Need To Know About Social Security

Although Social Security solvency has not been in the headlines, it remains a massive challenge that we need to understand.

Six Facts We Need To Know About Medicare

Soon to be swamped by the baby boomers, Medicare’s finances are summarized in this year’s report from the trustees that oversee the program’s funding.

What You Need to Decide About the Future of the Federal Budget

While the CBO’s (Congressional Budget Office) 2018-2028 report presents federal budget projections, the numbers also reflect the tradeoffs and some tough decisions.

Election Economics: Is Anyone Worried About Entitlements?

Knowing that entitlement spending on Social Security and Medicare is soaring, the candidates have offered “free lunch economics” as their solutions.

Traffic Lights and the Downside of Entitlement Spending

An island without traffic lights is like a country with less entitlement spending. By minimizing a national mandate they encourage more individual virtue.

Which Generation Gets the Best Deal From Social Security?

At 65, in 1940, Ida May Fuller got the first US monthly Social Security retirement check for $22.54. In 1941, she got $22.54 each month. In 1942, 1943, and 1944 she still got her $22.54. Until 1950, she received $22.54 a…

The Budget Band-Aid for Social Security Disability Insurance

Because of the recent rescue of the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) program, they can celebrate at their 60th birthday party during August 2016. Whereas Social Security was established under FDR in 1935, its disability provisions were not added until the Eisenhower Administration in…