When Marijuana Causes a Car Crash

With recreational marijuana causing more car crashes, the police need a device that is comparable to the alcohol breathalyzer.

A Closer Look at Self-Driving Cars

Demonstrated by its mapping needs, self-driving cars will unleash creative destruction through a long list of new technologies and social norms.

How We Respond to Fuel Economy Regulation

Although gas taxes would be more effective, instead CAFE federal fuel economy regulation creates incentives for auto manufacturers to improve gas mileage.

Gas Tax or CAFE?

The goal is energy conservation. But what is the best way? During the end of August, our newest fuel economy standards were announced. Now CAFE, our Corporate Average Fuel Economy mandate, is close to 29 miles per gallon. The goal…

The Cafe Menu

How will a 54.5 mpg CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) mandate affect us? We start with a mystery.  Because Minivans are big and heavy, they should be the source of a large proportion of all traffic fatalities in 2-car accidents.…