The (Surprisingly) Best Way to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

If we really want to diminish our carbon footprint, we need to focus on behavior that is somewhat different from what we usually do.

September 2019 Friday’s e-links: From the Japan World Cup to a Midwestern GM plant and Thought-Provoking econtalk

Friday’s e-links: By combining Captain Ahab’s fixation for his whale, food, and of course beer, this FT article is our update for Japan’s rugby World Cup.

A Supermarket Where Expiration Dates Don’t Matter

Enjoying fruits, vegetables and packaged foods that are optimally fresh, we are sacrificing the chance to minimize food waste and save money.

The Economics of Dating (Labels)

The food waste from potentially meaningless food expiration dates has a nutritional, food security, production, expenditure and environmental cost.