What Makes a Dressing French?

Designed to protect us from food fraud and maintain quality, the FDA’s resistance to deregulating French Dressing has finally ended.

How a Vaccine Is Like a Craft Beer

With surprising similarity, whether it’s craft beer or vaccines, new product names create difficulties for firms.

The Mystery of the Missing Bucatini

Our story starts when a journalist named Rachel gets a call from her mom. The mother is distressed because her supermarket has stopped selling De Cecco bucatini. Even on Amazon, there is none: But it gets worse from here. A…

The Case of the Missing Chips

A New York federal court recently explained why it was okay for our potato chip bags to have excessive air that is called slack fill.

How Many Peanuts Are in Real Peanut Butter?

Ruth Desmond was a 1960s housewife who regularly attended and then reported on FDA hearings in her newsletter. During one meeting she said to General Foods attorneys that peanut butter with less than 95% peanuts should be called “peanut spread”…