Explaining the Deficit

Because explaining the deficit might need an economist, we went to Ed Yardeni, to “Tracking the Defiicit” and to the CBO for an answer.

Good and Bad Economic News

Although inflation is the media focus, still, looking at other criteria, we see a potentially optimistic economic outlook.

Four More Handy Facts to Know About Taxes

When vast numbers of people call the U.S. tax system unfair, we can use four handy tax facts to form our own opinions.

June 2020 Friday’s e-links: From IMF Blogs and Economic Recoveries to Cherry Drying and the NBER Digest

Our June 2020 e-links include a blog from economist Ed Yardeni, subscription recs for the IMF’s blogs and the NBER Digest, and a look at cherry drying.

How the Alphabet Will Describe the Recovery

Called an alphabet recovery, the ABC’s of the GDP trajectory after a massive decline can be illustrated through the letters of the alphabet and a Swoosh.

June 2020 Friday’s e-links: Economic Recoveries, Cherry Picking, and the NBER Digest

Our June 2020 e-links include the economic recovery alphabet from Dr. Ed’s Blog, a cherry drying helicopter, and the NBER Digest.