How the Middle Income Trap Could Ensnare China

Hoping to avoid the middle income trap, China is taking the less typical socialist route through their “common prosperity” policies.

Winning the World Cup

In many ways, a country can become good at football (soccer) and nurture a World Cup winner but it also could get snagged by the “middle income trap.”

Weekly Roundup: From the Diner’s Dilemma to Lost Labor

This week’s economic news summary includes the diner’s dilemma and marginal analysis, property rights in outer space, the Phillip’s Curve and unemployment.

Do You “Wanna Know What China’s Gonna Do?”

An economic development plan that is characterized by a top down command structure, China’s thirteenth five-year plan contrasts with the market’s bottom up.

Weekly Roundup: From Fed Dots to Income Traps

Our economic news summary includes interest rates and the Fed, inequality and developing nations, space travel innovation and consumer spending changes.

Part 2: How the Middle Income Trap Could Catch China

While some high middle income economies have slowed down and then accelerated again, using World Bank criteria, China’s economic growth is tough to predict.

Part 1: The Trap That China Wants to Avoid

Currently slowing down, China’s economic growth might be challenged by the middle income trap that has caught Brazil but not Taiwan or Malaysia.