When Will Chocolate Be Too Expensive?

With growing conditions in the Ivory Coast boosting the price of chocolate, now we have another reason for a pricier M&M.

All You Could Want To Know About Chocolate

When a crash in chocolate markets almost forced growers on two small islands to leave the industry, they changed how they competed.

How Hershey Kisses and COPEC Are Like Oil and OPEC

Hershey kisses and COPEC might be like petroleum and OPEC if the Ivory Coast and Ghana are able to elevate cocoa bean prices.

Is Ebola Threatening the Price of Chocolate?

While Ebola fear caused raw cocoa futures prices to rise in September, its long term rise has been because of more demand from developing nations.

One Reason That Chocolates Are More Expensive

In an econlife post from September 2013, we presented a spending ladder that emerging market nations like the BRICs–Brazil, Russia, India, China–might climb. At each rung, spending surges and then flattens at that higher level until consumers can afford to climb…