Why $52 Million Was a Disappointing Price

Through the price of a 1962 Ferrari GTO, we can see how collectible cars reflect the dynamics of the market.

The Value of the Golden Spike

Much more than a reminder of the transcontinental railroad, Utah’s new golden spike is about a transportation infrastructure.

What Air Jordan Says About Capitalism

There is no need for a spoiler alert because we all know how Air ends. But there is so much more. Air Jordan Capitalism Today, our story starts with an Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love author) New Yorker magazine interview.…

The Problem With Marijuana Markets

The statewide constraints of U.S. marijuana markets create problems can be diminished by nationwide supply and demand.

A Closer Look at the World’s Top and Bottom Laissez-Faire Countries

Looking closely at the Index of Economic Freedom, we can see where property rights help to boost market activity.

How to Own the Moon

Owning the moon has been debated since the 1960s when countries, businesses, and individuals had to decide if we had a common heritage.

The Thousands of Marvel Superheroes We Will Meet

When Disney bought Marvel, it wound up with the rights to 7,000 characters and, as they described it, perhaps 20 years’ worth of worlds to explore. Meet, for example, Doorman. First introduced in 1989, Doorman is a class-10 teleporter (according…

Where Lost Luggage Finds a Home

At a massive store in Scottsboro, Alabama, bargain hunters can purchase the contents of the lost baggage that airlines say is unclaimed.

The Mystery of the Artless Heist

When the ownership rights of a $3.1 million John Constable painting are unclear, no one can buy or sell, display, or conserve it.

Five Facts About Chinese Capitalism

Through six facts about China’s political capitalism, we can see some of its economic strengths, weaknesses, contradictions, and history.