What a Difference a Fan Makes…Maybe

This week, during the first five days of the 2021 Australian Open, the stadium was packed…by pandemic standards. It was 50 percent occupied with up to 30,000 fans. Then, authorities declared a snap lockdown because of a Covid outbreak. The…

The Sticky Side of Sports Viewership

Although everyone expected a spike in sports viewership when games resumed, they were surprised by the fans’ response.

Throwback Thursday: What Past Super Bowl Ads Said About the Economy

#TBT: For some economic history and a bit of fun, we can look at Apple 1984, the Sock Puppet, and other past Super Bowl ads.

Why Japan Has World Cup Beer Worries

Because Japan is not a country of beer drinkers, it has to adjust to massive beer demand when it hosts the Rugby World Cup.

Deciding Which Matters: Luck or Skill

For fantasy sports games to be legal in states where online gambling was prohibited, they had to prove whether luck or skill mattered more.

Why Super Bowl LIII Might Not Be a Financial Bonanza

Although massive Super Bowl spending will pour into Atlanta, estimates of its economic benefit depend on whether you ask the Host Committee or an economist.

Why Superstar Salaries Are So High

Seeing that LeBron James has a four-year $154 million deal, we can ask what makes superstar salaries for athletes so high.

How College Athletes Are Really Paid

When student athlete pay is replaced by luxurious locker rooms, the market is prevented from allocating money productively.

How to Get Team Chemistry

Trying to figure out the reason for success in Major League Baseball could take us beyond individual talent to understanding the sources of team chemistry.

March Madness Money Facts

Involving multiple markets and hundreds of millions of dollars, March Madness money facts relate to the NCAA, coaches, teams and the extra beer we buy.