How Marriage Divides Us

Trends in getting married and single parenting display that the impact of marriage can be income inequality.

Why Hogs Are Happier

With a May 2023 decision about animal welfare, the Supreme Court affected the supply and demand for pork bellies.

The Highs and Lows of Trendy Food

The hot dog could be our newest trendy food. Calling the hot dog the “it” restaurant order of the summer, the Wall Street Journal elevated the lowly frank. However, more than the dog, the reason appears to be the toppings.…

The High Cost of Cheap Gas

Looking at Nigeria’s gas prices, we can see the costly impact of a subsidy and what happens when it is removed.

How Harry Styles Shifts Our Demand Curves

Seeing Harry Styles have a record setting 15 shows at Madison Square Garden, an economist would say it was all about his demand determinants.

Why Are We Drinking Less Milk?

We can look at the alternatives and at the environment to understand why our milk comnsumption has gone down.

What Economists Say About Pumpkin Spice

Remembering that economics explains human behavior, we can use its basic conepts to explain pumpkin spice popularity.

The Ups and Downs of Sheep Burps

A market that has its environmental costs and its benefits has developed for solar farm sheep and sheepherders.

Why You Buy Meatballs and Chairs at the Same Store

When we look at IKEA’s selling strategies, we can see meatballs and chairs or the principles of demand in action.

The Meaning of the Switch From Sweatpants

As we switch from sweatpants, our new apparel can became the economic indicators that reflect a recovery from the pandemic recession.