How We Feel About Globalization

Our political affiliation suggests how we feel about globalization according to a recent survey from the Chicago Council on Global Affair

The Downside of Made in America

Seemingly clear, “Made in America” becomes much more complex when we define it and look at its impact on taxpayers, consumers, and workers.

The Spread of the Avocado

Avocado Hand, a malady related to guacamole preparation, will increase because of Super Bowl LIV and USMCA avocado consumption.

Why Trade Is Good

Knowing that the benefits of free trade can be invisible, we can use a list of six brief reasons to actually see why trade is good.

Why U.S. Winemakers Can’t Fight the Trade War That the President Uncorked

While facts about China’s wine imports from the U.S. are somewhat surprising, still the impact of a tariff war is predictable.

The Lobster War Between Sweden and Maine

The future of North American lobster exports to the European Union was threatened when 32 “surly” reddish green lobsters were found in Scandinavian waters.

How to Make a NAFTA Burger

Deconstructing your hamburger and French fries, you would see how NAFTA benefits consumers with lower prices for each ingredient.

(Almost) Everything You Never Knew About Brexit

Ranging from losing domain names to getting dual citizenship, the huge list of tiny Brexit details conveys what a U.K. exit truly involves.

Why the Price of Guacamole Could Rise

Because our avocados, onions, tomatoes and peppers could have come from Mexico, NAFTA changes will mean guacamole changes.

The Travels of a Car Seat

With components that crisscross countries until they are assembled. our car seats are global because of incentives from NAFTA.