Do Beer Taxes Make a Difference?

Hoping either to improve our health or elevate revenue, governments levy sin taxes on items like beer with results that economists debate.

Where a Junk Food Tax Will Limit What We Eat

Hoping to encourage healthy eating habits and less obesity, Colombia has a junk food tax on ultra-processed food and sugary drinks.

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization

Citing the increase in marijuana legalization, the Kansas City Federal Reserve quantified its economic and social impact.

Where Katy Perry Went Catalog Shopping

We can look at record catalog sales to see how musicians guarantee current income rather than waiting for possible future earnings.

Who Owns the Moon’s Resources?

With four countries having made lunar landings, we can ask if any one can own moon water and other lunar resouces.

Why the Inflation Reduction Act Needs a New Name

Looking at its spending, its goals, and its focus, we could say that the Inflation Reduction Act needs a new name.

Why Cannabis Companies Have Naming Problems

We have a federal state contradiction when a business cannot get a marijuana trademark because it’s (legally) selling a Schedule 1 substance.

When “Doing Good” Has Unintended Consequences

Although everything about multinationals implementing responsible sourcing sounds beneficial, a closer look reveals its complexities.

The Labor Union Members We See Everyday

Looking at recent Supreme Court cases and the UPS tentative agreement with the Teamsters, we can see the contemporary role of labor unions.

When to Worry About Genericide

Companies with trademark protection can become the victims of genericide when their good or service becomes too popular.