Where There is More (and Less) Care For the Elderly

As Baby Boomers elevate the world’s ageing populations, their governments (and children) are deciding how they want to support them.

Why It’s Not Easy to Use Less of the Colorado River

Complicated by centuries of obligations, and conflicts between cities and farmers, Colorado River problems are tough to solve.

How Technology, Taxes, and Temperatures Encourage Gender Bias

Whether looking at voice technology, tax forms, or temperature settings, we would see a gender bias that tilts toward men.

Why ESG Is a Tough Topic

As concern for different companies’ ESG practices grows, the problem of consistent criteria for ranking becomes ever more evident.

Why Marijuana Prices Are Plunging

Classic supply and demand in statewide markets, marijuana prices have been plunging in many of the places where it is legal.

How Presidents Changed Thanksgiving

One reason that we have had Thanksgiving Economics change is because of decisions from Presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Bush.

What Will We Do Without the Leap Second?

Just like we have leap years, we’ve needed leap seconds to coordinate the earth’s real rotation time with our atomic clocks.

How Financial History Can Repeat Itself

Looking at 1907 and the current turmoil in cryptocurrency markets, we could be seeing a repeat of financial history.

How To Make a Hog Happy

Extending far beyond hogs and animal welfare, National Pork Producers Council v. Ross is about state power.

How New British Coins Will Be Different

Looking at the history of British coins, we see a tradition that mandates the direction in which the image of the monarch faces.