How New British Coins Will Be Different

Looking at the history of British coins, we see a tradition that mandates the direction in which the image of the monarch faces.

When Measuring Mixups Are More Than Mishaps

When we do not clearly indicate if we are using the metric system or the Imperial System, then we could have catastrophic measuring mixups.

How a Flamingo and a Bear Have the Same Problem

The conservation or development tradeoff for flamingos and bears shows us the complexities of environmental decisions.

The Surprising Reasons We Need Insurance

Because a cash prize or a Mercedes can be exceedingly expensive, charitable event planners buy prize indemnity insurance to hedge their risk.

How (Fortnite’s) It’s Complicated Became Complicated

The backpack kid is one of several emote creators who sued Fortnite because they believe they have copyright protection of their moves.

Why California Will Send Less To Landfills

With our landfills filling, California’s SB 1383 has taken a huge leap toward encouraging 39 million people to recycle their organic waste.

The Dilemma That Comes With a Warning Label

The warning label creates a supply and demand dilemma because producers want you to read all of it…but not really.

The Service Side of Gasoline Prices

With gasoline prices above the national average in New Jersey and Oregon, we can ask if their full service gas stations are one reason.

Why An Elephant Should Be a Person

Extending animal rights, the New York State court system can decide that Happy the elephant is a nonhuman person.