Why Airline Passengers Wear Fishing Vests

If you want to avoid a baggage fee, try a fly-fishing vest. Asked by WSJ’s reporters, travelers tell how to stuff the vest’s big and small pockets with swimsuits, pants, shoes, toothbrushes, underwear, a laptop, and snacks. Wearing a fishing…

How a Cheap Airline Can Be Expensive

Reflecting an unbundled ticket, a list of discount airline fees indicates the extras we can pay for when we fly cheaply.

Why an Airline Seat Is Like a Hotel Room and a Disney Ride

Looking at extra fees, we can say that airline seats, hotel rooms, and Disney World rides are somewhat similar.

The Reasons That Airlines Boost Fees Rather than Fares

When the rising price of fuel boosts airlines’ costs, they can buoy their bottom line by increasing optional and barely noticeable fees or raising fares.

Back to the Future… of Air Travel

Although 82% of the U.S. airline industry is dominated by 4 airlines, it is not a typical oligopoly because of new small airlines flying routes that the bigger carriers cut.