Santa’s Unfair Trade Practices

On Christmas Eve, Santa will visit approximately 160 million children. Traveling at nearly 6,214 miles an hour, he will cover 19.3 million square miles. Along the way, he has to stop, drop off each of his 20 tons of presents,…

A Global Look at the Rule of Law

Seeing where the rule of law is stronger can tell us why certain nations have more economic development and others sink under the weight of corruption.

Six Small Facts About Globalization That Are Really Big

When we looked at Six Facts About Globalization, there was lots we did not say. So let’s add six more facts. Six (Small) Facts (That Have a Big Meaning) 1.  The reefer plays a huge role in our global transportation…

Why Avocados Have Become a Luxury Item

To understand why avocado prices are soaring, we start with California and Mexico and then end up with Chipotle and the Chinese Middle class.

What Chipotle Says About Its Avocados

Investors have been told that Avocado prices are nudging food costs up at Chipotle. At the end of last March, aggressive demand and lower supply from California made avocados more expensive. In its most recent Annual Report, the company even…

Why It’s Now the Pits For Avocados

Although Fresh Direct did not really eliminate the avadcado pit, they could more accurately tell us that they were increasing avocado prices.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Avocado

If your favorite veggie wrap no longer has avocado in it, you can ask your economist to explain avocado prices with supply and demand.

The Travels of a Car Seat

With components that crisscross countries until they are assembled. our car seats are global because of incentives from NAFTA.

The Surprising Tale of the Mexican Soda Tax

The surprising impact of the Mexican soda tax demonstrated that consumer and supplier responses can be unpredictable.

The Human Side of Offshoring

Typical of offshoring decisions by manufacturing firms, Carrier Corporations’s Indianapolis plant is sending its jobs to Mexico.