How Did the Pandemic Make Social Security Sicker?

While the financial future of Social Security has been shaky for awhile, now, the pandemic has accelerated the trend.

The People Who Live Together During a Lockdown

Because global household size ranges from single individuals to extended families, the impact of a lockdown will vary considerably.

The Huge Social Security Contradiction

Because saving Social Security takes us to a conflict between math and politics, the Congress has has a tough time selecting solutions.

What We Should Know About Gen Z

Just 7 to 22 years old, Generation Z has begun to exhibit characteristics that differentiate them from previous generations.

Why Millennials Might Not Be That Different

Rather than differences, we find generational similarities for Millennials when we look at diversity, education, and marriage trends.

The New Shopper (Who is Really Old)

As an aging population soon takes us to a demographic turning point, retailers will adjust the shopping experience to an older customer.

Blaming the Baby Boomers

Wondering why the economy is sluggish, you can blame the baby boomers for less employment growth, smaller families and longer lives.

The War on Savers

Low interest rates on baby boomer cash instrument investments have diminished their retirement nest egg.

The Highway Font War

Recently controversial, the font on highway road signs is a safety issue that affects the quality of our transportation infrastructure.

Where You Might Need to Change Your Image of the Elderly

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, aging populations do not constrain productivity if more educated workers are the ones who remain in the labor force.