How We Respond to Restaurant Psychology

More than we recognize, restaurant psychology creates incentives that determine our spending, our timing, and what we eat.

What Daniel Kahneman Could Have Said to Investors

Understanding our decision-making, psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s investing insights could prevent some expensive mistakes.

Daniel Kahneman Stories

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How To Keep a Resolution

When we look back to New Year’s and keeping our resolutions, we can use the commitment devices that come in handy at all times.

Why There’s No Such Thing As a Free Ad

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When Prices Should Please Us

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How Much Money Do We Need To Be Happy?

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Why We Expect Faster Deliveries

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We Finally Know If Money Makes Us Happy

Looking at money and happiness, studies have disagreed whether increasing income makes us happier…until now.

Black Swans and Gray Rhinos

We can use a zoo that includes black swans, gray rhinos, elephants, and camels to describe financial events and human behavior.