The Development Debate About Chickens

When Bill Gates expressed his foundation’s support for giving chickens to people in extreme poverty, he ignited a debate about development programs.

The Unexpected Cost of An Almond

Allocating water to California almond growers that could be used elsewhere in the state represents tradeoffs and considerable cost during the drought.

When is a Tax Credit Like a Groupon Coupon?

States should use cost benefit analysis more so to assess economic development tax incentives like tax credits that target film and TV producers.

Cost and Benefit: Calorie Counts

Soon everyone will know that a Starbucks venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucino Blended Creme has 670 calories (200 calories more than turkey on whole wheat with mustard). Announcing that all of its company owned stores would post calorie counts on…

Cost and Benefit: Buying Local Produce

I saw this picture in an Upper West Side NYC blog:   Evidently horrified, one Zabar’s shopper said, “Can you believe that from all the farms in New York, ZABAR’S is selling GARLIC from CHINA!!!!!???” (Zabar’s is a gourmet supermarket.)…