The Fish Fight That Could Sink Brexit

As we approach a Brexit deadline, negotiations for a withdrawal deal could depend on cod, mackerel, and herring.

The EU Budget Battle

Called a “budget bloodbath,” the European Union (EU) cannot decide where to get the billions of euros it will no longer receive from the U.K.

Six Facts: Understanding More About Brexit

The political and economic sides of Brexit’s problems involve the impact of a potential no vote in Parliament and controversial draft agreement issues.

What Brexit Will Do to the EU Budget

About more than the U.K., Brexit also creates EU budget problems because of the 10 to 12 billion euros that the British will no longer give annually.

Clarence the Tortoise and the Metric Mixup

For Clarence the 75-year-old Galapagos tortoise, an extended visit to Moorpark College was going to be good. His mate had recently died and the College had an exotic animal training program.  Clarence would benefit from the new temporary home while his…

How Brexit Could Change a Big Mac

The Brexit impact could include McDonald’s Big Macs if the United Kingdom winds up with tariffs on cheddar cheese from Ireland.

Brexit: How the UK is Connected

Not necessarily all or nothing, the Brexit alternatives could take the UK to the EU connections selected by Norway, Switzerland, Turkey or Canada.

What Brexit Takes Away From U.K. Cheesemakers

Certain U.K. cheesemakers will probably lose the monopoly power given them by the EU’s protective designations when Brexit becomes a reality.

The Bendy Banana and Other Brexit Issues

Referring to EU regulation, some people say that bendy bananas are one reason to vote “leave” in today’s Brexit vote. Where are we going? To thoughts about regulation and markets. EU Regulation Myths The U.K. media have so delighted in exaggerating or misstating EU…

Everything You Need to Know About Brexit

Involving ideas about free trade, national sovereignty, regulation and European unity among 28 nations, a Brexit decision is more complex than it appears.