Enlightening Measures of China’s Growth

Economists can use nighttime lights from NASA’s satellite images of the earth to decide if China’s economic growth statistics are accurate.

What Have We Built From the BRICs?

While in 2001 the BRICs–Brazil, Russia, India and China–were going to fuel the world’s economic growth, now it is all about China.

How Chinese Economic Growth Relates to Restaurants and Pilots

China might not fuel world economic growth if instead of a 7 percent real GDP growth rate forecast, we use a regression to the mean of 3.9 percent.

China’s GDP: A Growing Mystery

In China, imagine one half million hairdressers with their own small businesses who have no bookkeeping records. Think of another 500,000 with books that conceal revenue from the local tax collector. During 2004, with an Economic Census to complete, the…