Good and Bad Economic News

Although inflation is the media focus, still, looking at other criteria, we see a potentially optimistic economic outlook.

How to Judge the Pandemic’s Economic Outlook

When we try to figure out the pandemic’s economic outlook, we can ask economists which metrics they would select.

How the Alphabet Will Describe the Next Recession

When we describe the duration and the ups and downs of recent recessions, sometimes a letter from the alphabet comes in handy.

What the RV Recession Indicator Tells Us

When the economy is starting to contract, we can take a look at a recession indicator in Elkhart, Indiana to forecast the future.

The Reason That Recession Dates Matter

Asked to define a recession, you can give the mechanical answer. It is 2 or more adjacent quarters of a real GDP decline. So, if Q1 GDP grows by 3%, Q2 by 2% and then Q3 by 1%, is that…