The Value of a Vaccine

To see the value of a vaccine, we can look at the past, present, and future, and at our health and our economy.

What We Lose (and Gain) From Weight Loss Drugs

Looking at the impact of the newest weight loss drugs, we see the impact ranging from our health to the health of the fast food industry.

Why We Want Age Inflation (or Maybe Deflation)

New UN life expectancy projections might not really display what living longer will mean for the most developed nations.

How a Vaccine Is Like a Craft Beer

With surprising similarity, whether it’s craft beer or vaccines, new product names create difficulties for firms.

Why We Might Be Healthier Than We Think

When we look at the OECD Healthcare spending and outcomes among its 38 member countries, some facts about the U.S. are surprising.

How Hospital Price Transparency Became Foggy

Although the hospital prices transparency rule kicked in last January, it still is somewhat impossible to decipher a hospital’s price list.

How Patents Create Vaccine Tradeoffs

To be sure that vaccine markets travel from the developed nations to developing economies, we might have to accept some costly tradeoffs.

Where We Lost 20,507,518 Years From COVID-19

In addition to at least 1,279,866 deaths in 81 countries as of January 6, 2021, the devastating impact of COVID-19 can be seen through a YLL, years of life lost, lens. COVID-19 Impact In the world, the average lifespan for…

How Present and Past Social Spending Could Connect

At more than $2 trillion, the cost of the March 2020 CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act was double what we spent on Social Security in 2019. As a pandemic relief package, CARES Act checks were directed toward…

How Legos Helped to Build a Vaccination Center

Albrecht Broemme had to figure out the design of Germany’s Covid-19 vaccination centers at two airport terminals, a concert venue, a velodrome, an ice rink, and a convention hall. So, he used Legos. Below, Mr. Broemme is holding a picture…