When Human Height and Pigeon Mass Matter

The results of a new study about dominance in homing pigeon groups can be compared to the significance of differences in human height.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Success

Even as it celebrates its 40th birthday after a quiet 1977 debut, we cannot be sure of the reasons for Star Wars’s success.

Why Your Height Matters

Similar to gender and race discrimination, height discrimination can impact political success, how much we earn, and whether we are hired.

Charisma or Glamour Power?

Jackie Kennedy had glamour while Eleanor Roosevelt had charisma. In her blog and soon to be published book, Bloomberg View writer Virginia Postrel describes the difference: Or, as she explains, “Charisma is a personal quality that inspires followers to embrace…

Human Capital Formation: 10,000 Hour Rule

For human capital formation, 10,000 hours could be crucial. I was at Lincoln Center several nights ago. Listening to a wonderful performance of Chopin’s Polonaise, I wondered how much the pianist practiced. That took me to Malcolm Gladwell. In Outliers, Gladwell…

Human Capital: The Year You Were Born

Your human capital might be affected by your birth date. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that children born during the Great Depression had an advantage. Economic contraction meant couples had fewer babies. A cohort with fewer children, 1930s babies enjoyed smaller…

Michael Lewis and the Extra Cookie

During his 2012 Princeton Baccalaureate Address, financial writer Michael Lewis describes a college psychology experiment in which students were divided into teams, each composed of 3 people with a randomly assigned a leader. Given a social problem like drinking or cheating, the…

Does Luck Matter?

Whether looking at the World Series of Poker or the corporate world, skill plays a larger role than luck when achieving success.