Europe’s Economic Uncertainties

Looking at an overview of Europe’s economic problems, we can predict the future with considerable uncertainty.

Economic Inequality…or Equality?

Comparing global wealth, we arrive at different conclusions about the size of the gap because we use different metrics.

What a Sound Says About the Economy

Listening to our city streets and even food noises, we can say that sound design provides clues about our economy.

What We Can Learn From the Richest Billionaires

When we look at an animated history of the Forbes list of the richest billionaires, we also see some economic history.

Where the Peach Became More Than Fruit

About much more than a piece of fruit, peach history details how the market encouraged an entrepreneur to invent and develop a new product.

Why We Worry About the World’s Faster Roads

Decomposing development, researchers tell us that less road safety can constrain a middle income country’s economic growth.

Where (Previously) Illegal Activities Gave the GDP New Highs

Thinking of the GDP and marijuana, we can look at how the Canadian economy got a boost after they legalized recreational cannabis in 2018.

Where Educating More Young Women Will Make a Difference

A source of global gender inequality, educating young women would boost the gross domestic product of many nations.

The Economic Side of Abortion Access

In addition to the very crucial health impact of abortion access, its economic side adds to our understanding.

Global Economic Growth: Hoping For a Soft Landing

With a global economic growth slowdown and climbing inflation, the challenge will be achieving a soft landing.