The 5 Economic Facts We Need To Know

When we look at five causes of U.S. economic strength, we can see the seeds of a Goldilocks economy that are continuing to sprout.

How Should We Measure Our Well-Being?

While the Gross Domestic Product is our main measure of our well-being, we can ask if a GDP alternative would do a better job.

Where Golden Visas Create Unintended Consequences

Created with the best intentions, instead, countries’ Golden Visas wound up with undesirable unintended consequences.

A Second Case of Dutch Disease

We could say that Denmark’s bigger GDP comes from the massive success of drugs from Novo Nordisk that make us smaller.

The Economic Side of “Home Alone”

Identifying “Home Alone” economics, we can see reasons for economic growth through the difference between 1990s and 2023 technology.

How an Economic Growth Path Can Lead to High Income

If the Dominican Republic’s economy continues the convergence velocity predicted by the IMF, it will avoid the middle income trap.

The Tradeoff Between Geology and Economics

If we are indeed in a new epoch, it will reflect the geologic tradeoffs between economic growth and natural phenomena.

Why China Might Be Caught in the Middle Income Trap

A slew of statistics are coming out of China that document a slowdown. China’s Slowdown We can start with a decelerating GDP. Before Covid, the IMF predicted an annual growth rate that would be a bit less than 6%. Worse,…

How Alexander Hamilton Gave Us Economic Independence

Remembering that independence is not only politics, today we can also honor the economic independence that Alexander Hamilton created.

The Meaning of Market Milestones

Rather like shifting tectonic plates, we can illustrate U.S. economic growth through the companies that achieved market milestones.