An Airfare Pricing Mystery

The airlines need to solve airfare pricing problems because their algorithms depend on historic data that is no longer relevant.

How a Pandemic Changes an Airport

Although it led the world in airport traffic during June, Dallas-Fort Worth is adjusting to the massive plunge in air travel.

What You Might See on a Ghost Flight

Called ghost flights, empty passenger jets are being redeployed for freight although their seats and cargo holds are not ideal.

How to Minimize (Airplane) Middle Seat Misery

Although airplane middle seat misery appears only to affect its occupant, widening that seat will be felt felt far beyond the people who sit there.

Looking at the Southwest Effect

Sometimes invisible, the Southwest Effect has influenced air fares and air traffic since the 1970s when Southwest was a small Texas carrier.

3 Myths About Flight Cancellations

Looking at routes, aircraft size and the types of travelers, you can see the tradeoffs airlines make when they decide which flights will be canceled.

The WestJet “Christmas Miracle”

During an airport check-in, passengers on 2 WestJet flights to Calgary told a virtual Santa what they wanted for Christmas. They boarded, took off, probably forgot Santa entirely. But then, calling it their “Christmas Miracle,” WestJet greeted those 250 or…

The Power of the Market: A Better Business Class Seat

The power of the market could be the reason that 50 or 60 people can comfortably sit, sleep, dine, work and enjoy some entertainment in a very small space. Airlines know that they can charge global business travelers as much as…

Your Airfare and Airline Profits

What does your airline ticket pay for? In order of size, these represent the expenses for a US Airways flight according to WSJ journalist Scott McCartney: Fuel (close to 30%) Salaries (maybe 20%) Buying and leasing planes (16%) Federal taxes (14%)…

Low Costs and Big Benefits for Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is doing everything it can to charge us less for a seat on one of its planes. One gentleman paid $77 for a round trip seat between Chicago and Fort Lauderdale. Just the seat. How much more could…